As part of the Łaszczyński Brothers’ Central Hydrogen Valley SMR Supply Chain Team was established, headed by Mr. Sławomir Malara.

The main assumptions of the SMR Supply Chain Team:

  • determining the potential of companies associated in the Association in terms of participation in the supply chain and activities aimed at the participation of Polish companies in the supply chain;
  • close cooperation with Rolls-Royce SMR in order to develop a common company certification strategy (British Fit for Nuclear model);
  • taking steps to build an R&D center in Poland (optimally in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship) following the example of the British NAMRC;
  • activities to create a certified module factory in Poland (optimally in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship) (where the modules will be assembled and tested, and then transported to the construction site).

The SMR supply chain team was created based on the implementation of the Central Hydrogen Valley goals:

  • including nuclear energy on the list of technologies considered sustainable in terms of zero emissions. New regulations in the EU “Net Zero Industry Act” package;
  • cooperation of ŚGP INDUSTRIA and Rolls-Royce SMR (based on the signed Memorandum of Intent) in order to implement SMR units using Rolls-Royce technology in Poland, as well as the development of the supply chain based on companies associated in the Central Hydrogen Cluster;
  • possibilities of using Rolls-Royce SMR for hydrogen production, using a solid oxide electrolyzer (SOEC) – the expected costs of hydrogen production in the British solution are €2.7/kg.

Subsequent teams will be created based on Members’ initiatives.

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