The Łaszczyński Brothers’ Central Hydrogen Valley was registered as an Association in the National Court Register under the number 0001069864.

The Central Hydrogen Valley is an association of entities interested in supporting the development of the hydrogen economy understood as a value chain related to the production, transmission, storage and use of hydrogen in the main sectors of the economy – transport, energy, heating and, above all, industry. The aim of the Association is to support the development of the hydrogen economy, with particular emphasis on the area of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship and neighboring voivodeships.

Goals and scope of activities of the Association

The Association’s goals also include:

a) close cooperation with entities interested in the development of the hydrogen economy to create a business and technological environment in order to build the Central Hydrogen Valley Association, including, among others, based on the production of hydrogen in the electrolysis process using energy produced from renewable energy installations;
b) using the scientific and research potential, in particular of the Świętokrzyskie region, in order to undertake, among others: innovative scientific, technological and industrial ventures and investment projects aimed at building common value chains of the hydrogen economy;
c) coordination and information on ongoing research, investment and implementation works aimed at the use of hydrogen as an energy source in low-emission transport;
d) taking actions aimed at creating in the Świętokrzyskie region, using, among others, instruments and potential of special economic zones, optimal conditions for conducting business in areas leading to the construction of a hydrogen economy;
e) analysis and planning of activities, initiatives and projects related to the hydrogen economy and energy optimization using hydrogen;
f) organizing and participating in dialogue between stakeholders (experts, representatives of public institutions, energy companies, operators and distributors, as well as the scientific community) interested in activities in the field of hydrogen economy;
g) exchange of information and experiences related to building and developing the hydrogen economy;
h) acting for environmental protection, including the promotion of pro-ecological attitudes, especially among young people, entrepreneurs and local communities, in particular regarding the protection and improvement of the natural environment;
i) improving the professional qualifications of ordinary members of the Association and the staff of supporting members of the Association;
j) presenting opinions and positions of the Association and members of the Association regarding legal provisions and draft normative acts in the field of hydrogen economy and all regulations relating to the activities conducted by members of the Association, analyzing and giving opinions on the course of the legislative process at the national, EU and international level;
k) providing substantive and organizational support to members of the Association aimed at influencing public authorities in the law-making process, including at the national, EU and international levels.

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The Association’s Management Board invites legal entities to join the Central Hydrogen Valley as a Supporting Member who want to actively engage in the activities of the Central Hydrogen Valley and support activities and projects financially and substantively.

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