To create an appropriate background of zero-emission energy sources in order to meet the demand for energy and hydrogen from the Signatories; to achieve a total annual production of 4TWh per in 2030 among the Signatories

To produce hydrogen from zero-emission energy sources and available water resources, e.g. from the drainage of mining plants; to achieve a total annual production of 50,000 tonnes of green hydrogen in 2030 among the Signatories

To support the installation of hydrogen production equipment which meet the needs of machinery, logistics and energy storage

To create the installations for storage, distribution and refueling of hydrogen; to create machine parks and a hydrogen-powered car fleet; to create a forum for contacts and coordination of the cooperation among the Signatories.

Świętokrzyskie Industrial Group INDUSTRIA, aware of the energy challenges facing industrial entrepreneurs, has come up with the initiative to establish with Łaszczyński Brothers' Central Hydrogen Cluster in 2021, on the foundations of which the Łaszczyński Brothers' Central Hydrogen Valley was created.

The main objectives of the Valley:

  • to create an open cooperation forum to all entities willing to take actions for the development of zero-emission energy sources and green hydrogen production in the region.
  • to build an ecosystem based on the production of „green hydrogen” in the electrolysis proccess based on electricity produced from emission-free sources, for the needs of the voivodeship.

The idea of the Valley: to stimulate the need for changes in enterprices and the willingness to act towards green transformation in their organizations. the proccess of production and consumption of hydrogen takes place entirely in the voivodeships – stimulating local economic growth thanks to the availability of „green energy” and „green hydrogen”.
The Central Hydrogen Valley covers the Świętokrzyskie, Łódzkie, southern Mazowsze and northern Podkarpacie voivodships. Currently, it brings together over 60 entities, including local governments and companies from all over Poland.


  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 03/2023
  • 07/2023

Establishment of the Łaszczyński Brothers' Świętokrzyskie Hydrogen Cluster - signing of the Declaration by nearly 30 entities.

Entities from all over Poland joining the Cluster and changing its name to the Central Hydrogen Cluster in reference to COP - the tradition of the region.

Announcement of the development of the supply chain and new cooperation, the expansion of the group of CHC members by new entities.

Signing of a letter of intent regarding the establishment of the Łaszczyński Brothers Central Hydrogen Valley

Central Hydrogen Valley

Łaszczyński Brothers'


Renewable energy sources

Solar and wind renewable energy projects with a capacity of 2 GW.

Investments in electrolysers for hydrogen production with a capacity of 250 MW.

Energy transformation

Replacing coal power units with gas units ready for hydrogen co-combustion.

Energy transformation of the mining sector: hydrogen as a green fuel in heavy transport.


Development of hydrogen infrastructure in the region through hydrogen production, refuelling stations, passenger and freight railways, as well as urban transport based on the fuel of the future.

Development of nuclear energy industry based on SMR technology.

ETHICS in Świętokrzyskie Grupa Przemysłowa INDUSTRIA S.A.

Proud of our heritage in the production of aggregates since 1874 and with the constant development of the company and the region in mind, based on a circular economy system, we are creating a company with timeless, highest values – putting people first.

Employees share knowledge and best practices and are aware of the need for a high level of cooperation with the local community, clients and contractors – for the common good.

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Valley members