Town and commune of Piekoszów focuses on sustainable development. It is a good place to live in!

The quality of life in the area of Piekoszów town and commune is gradually improving, and the municipal authorities are focusing on sustainable development in many areas. The great dynamics and pace of change contributed to acquisition of municipal rights by Piekoszów on 1 January 2023.

Piekoszów commune has changed dramatically over the years, undergoing a significant transformation. Each year, a number of investments are made here, for which the municipal authorities obtain millions of euros in external funding, both from the government and the EU. In 2022 alone, nearly PLN 26 million was earmarked for investments here, and in 2023 a record amount of over PLN 38 million is planned.

Thanks to million-dollar grants, there are more and better roads and pavements in the town and commune of Piekoszów. Energy-efficient lighting is also being built. Schools and public facilities are undergoing comprehensive thermal modernisation. Educational facilities are equipped with modern teaching equipment. Pupils can take advantage of many extra-curricular activities, such as robotics or programming, free of charge.

Positive developments affect the quality of life of the residents. In addition to spectacular investments, the commune also carries out many smaller tasks, while not forgetting its natural assets. There are, for example, unique nature reserves which gained a new look after modernisation and are now open to tourists. Both the Chelosiowa Jama and Moczydło reserves have been entered in the UNESCO world list, meaning that they are unique geological attractions on a global scale.

The commune’s excellent transport connection, its steady and sustainable development as well as its beautiful and picturesque areas for rest and recreation, make Piekoszów town and commune an increasingly popular place to live.