The town and commune of Łagów lies in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship and is part of Kielce poviat. It covers an area of 113 km2. Two important transport routes intersect in Łagów: national road no. 74 and voivodeship road no. 756. The seat of the local authorities. Łagów regained its municipal rights in 2018, which it lost in 1869 as a result of the participation of the Łagów residents in the January Uprising in 1864.

Łagów commune is a beautifully situated area, enchanted by the wealth of nature and views. Part of the commune lies in the buffer zone of the Cisów-Orłowiny Landscape Park. Every tourist is sure to find many places worth seeing here, and those seeking peace and contact with nature will be enchanted by the abundance of areas for hiking.

When visiting Łagów, it is necessary to see the natural and landscape complex, i.e. the Dule gully with its exposures of limestone and marly shale. The gully is considered one of the greatest geological curiosities in the voivodeship. Another important point on the map of Łagów is the Robber’s Cave – one of the longest in the Kielce region. The Robber Madej’s Cave is well known to geology lovers, for whom our commune is a real paradise. Other must-see places include the Market Square in Łagów, St. Michael the Archangel Church in Łagów and St. Dorothy Church in Stara Zbelutka.

The exceptionally attractive landscape, the picturesque location of the village, the original monuments of material culture and the favourable traffic conditions – this is a recommendation of our commune and a guarantee that no one will waste time staying with us.

Tourism enthusiasts will find excellent areas for hiking and cycling. Blue and green tourist trails run through Łagów. Convenient transport conditions will not deter motorised tourists either. We cordially invite you to the town and commune of Łagów.