Daleszyce is the largest commune in Kielce poviat. More than half of its area is covered by forests. The main advantages of the commune are also its close proximity and good connection to the capital of the voivodeship as well as the dynamic development of its infrastructure.

Comfort in harmony with nature

Modern investments are interfering less and less with the environment and are increasingly trying to support it. The best example is the tidying up of the water and sewerage system: in Daleszyce commune, in addition to the constant replenishment of the networks that carry wastewater away from homes, in the last two years alone all three treatment plants, i.e. the facilities in Daleszyce, Marzysz and Szczecin, have been modernised.

Eco-municipal office and eco-education

We are not only trying to be “neutral” – more and more investments are being made directly with a view to improving natural conditions. In order to minimise carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, we have already thermally upgraded twelve public buildings and are installing renewable energy sources in others.

Balance in action

In our commune we have many tourist attractions in the form of, for example, an educational-nature path, a lookout tower, a beach at the Borkow lagoon, but still underestimated are our hills and forests. Here, in the midst of unspoilt nature, we can find the best respite from everyday challenges and the fast pace of life.