Świętokrzyskie Industrial Group INDUSTRIA grows out of the almost 150-year history of the Kielce Marbles and the industrial traditions of the region. INDUSTRIA combines these traditions with modern technologies and care for the environment.

Świetokrzyskie Industrial Group INDUSTRIA is composed of:

Świętokrzyskie Mines of Mineral Resources – a leader in stone extraction and processing, a leading producer of aggregates, it operates three mines: Jaźwica, Laskowa, Winna in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship;

INDUSTRIA Fertilisers – a company dedicated to the development of innovative, environmentally friendly fertilisers based on our raw materials in an effort to meet the modern needs of agriculture;

INDUSTRIA Logistics – a company currently offering a low-carbon LNG-fuelled logistics service, offering a comprehensive unloading service directly at the target location due to its own rail siding, and zero-emission logistics in the future;

INDUSTRIA Green Energy a company investing in zero-carbon energy sources, taking steps towards a positive energy transition and creating a green hydrogen economy in our region.

The company was twice awarded the title of Region Leader in the categories: Mining and Innovation as well as the prestigious ECO Mine award. INDUSTRIA is not slowing down and is today setting itself new challenges.

Taking into account energy challenges facing industrial entrepreneurs, Świetokrzyskie Industrial Group INDUSTRIA came up with the initiative to set up the Łaszczyński Brothers Central Hydrogen Cluster in 2021.

The ambitious goals of the ŚGP INDUSTRIA are energy-independent, zero-carbon aggregate and green fertiliser mines with their own green hydrogen-based transport and for the region as a whole to benefit from an energy transition by providing others with access to zero-carbon energy, logistics and green hydrogen.