Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna „Starachowice” S.A. has been participating in the economic development of central and eastern Poland since its inception. It supports the entrepreneurs already existing on its territory and attracts new investors.

Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna „Starachowice” S.A covers 3 voivodeships: Świętokrzyskie, Masovian and Lublin Voivodeships. The Zone’s advantage is its close proximity to the largest cities of the region: Warsaw and Kraków. It is favourably located in terms of access to significant transport corridors. This enables smooth development of trade relations. The presence of academic units and scientific-technological parks within the Zone’s area, creates development opportunities for entrepreneurs from various industries. Additionally, it guarantees them the possibility of attracting qualified staff.

Since its establishment,  SSE [Special Economic Zone] “Starachowice” S.A. has supported investments worth more than PLN 5 billion. More than PLN 1 billion are investments acquired only in 2022. In the same year, the Zone became the leader in eastern Poland because 42% of the investments made in this region are located in the area under its authority.

The “Polish Investment Zone” programme, implemented by the “Starachowice” SEZ since 2018, has significantly expanded the previous possibility of obtaining tax exemptions. Currently, any entrepreneur wishing to invest in the area managed by the SSE “Starachowice” S.A. may apply for a Support Decision entitling them to benefit from such a form of aid.