Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Odpadami Sp. z o. o. in Promnik operates in the field of municipal waste management, biogas and energy production, recovery of secondary raw materials. The founder and owner of the Company is the city of Kielce.

Through the use of modern technologies, the Company improves the quality of its services while caring for the environment.

The Company’s activities include:

  • production of electricity and heat from biogas,
  • operating a mechanical-biological treatment facility for municipal waste,
  • selective collection of packaging waste,
  • recovery of raw materials from segregated materials,
  • production of alternative fuel,
  • management of landfills

The company operates a modern and comprehensive mechanical-biological waste treatment facility to reduce the stream of waste going directly to landfill. From the segregated biodegradable waste subjected to methane fermentation, we generated over 2.44 million m3 of biogas in 2022, which was processed into approximately 3619 MWh of electric energy (securing 72.35% of the Company’s needs, while the heat generated covers 100% of the Company’s needs). The Company operates a Selective Municipal Waste Collection Point where residents of Kielce can hand over problematic waste (e.g. white and brown goods, batteries, furniture). We also support pro-environmental initiatives, especially in terms of broadening residents’ awareness of waste segregation. Proper segregation of waste makes it possible to recycle a significant amount of waste, thanks to which far less waste is sent to landfill.