PIAP Space is a Polish company established in 2017 as a spin-off of the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Industrial Institute for Automation and Measurements (Ł-PIAP). Currently, the owners of PIAP Space are: Industrial Development Agency (IDA) and Ł-PIAP.

PIAP Space has a complete infrastructure to provide services guarantees their continuity and repeatability. The company have implemented ISO 9001:2015 certified.

PIAP Space focuses on two specializations:

  • SPACE ROBOTICS – PIAP Space develops technologies and products in the space robotics domain for On-Orbit Servicing and future OSAM missions. PIAP Space has developed robotic arm and grippers – LAR gripper, Multipurpose gripper, 6-axis Force/Torque sensor and vision-based algorithms for close range rendezvous and LAR pose estimation.
  • MECHANICAL GROUND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT (MGSE) – PIAP Space offers various types of devices for the assembly, integration, and testing of satellites and their subsystems. The company has experience in supplying integration adapters (GHA), and Vibration Tests Adapters (VTA). It also manufactures integration stands for a satellite and its panels (PIS, PIT). Besides, the company offers Clamp Bands, Lifting Devices, and Thermal – Vacuum compatible MGSE.

PIAP Space has wide experience in European Commission framework programs H2020 and HEU collaborative projects, such as PRO-ACT, I3DS, EROSS, EROSS+, and EROSS IOD – LAR gripper at TRL 7 in 2025. PIAP Space is also involved in transnational projects in the robotics area, such as TITAN – arm at TRL 6 in Q1 2024 (ESA) and ORBITA (regional funds) as well as other projects in the robotics technology area.