Welcome to Nowiny commune. It is an extremely attractive place not only to live but also to do business. It is also an excellent place for leisure and tourism. Nowiny – the place for you.

Nowiny commune took first place twice in two categories in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship Commune Ranking organised by the Foundation for the Development of Local Democracy in cooperation with the Statistical Office. The place in the ranking is the result of 16 indicators depicting various spheres of life of local communities in our region. These indicators are diverse and are intended to show the quality of life in different parts of the region. This illustrates where we are today and where we are heading.

Our aim is to increase the attractiveness of Nowiny commune for its residents, entrepreneurs and tourists. Sustainable development while respecting the environment and taking into account the needs of residents is a priority specified in the Commune’s Development Strategy. The quality of life for local residents is improving year on year and investors have excellent conditions for conducting their business.

A great asset of Nowiny commune is its numerous natural resources. The charming places in the Nowiny commune, which are the result of geological processes lasting hundreds of millions of years, are a real treat for lovers of natural beauty. The commune’s natural diversity can be seen by traversing the numerous hiking trails as well as geological and nature trails.

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