Nowa Słupia commune is an area of outstanding cultural and natural values the history and work of generations of which made it a Pearl of the Świętokrzyskie Land. The commune consists of 20 villages. It is inhabited by over 9350 people. Its area is 8600 ha. The area of the commune is a kind of “place of power”. We are proud that in the area of Nowa Słupia commune there is a National Treasure – the oldest Sanctuary in Poland – the Monastery of the Holy Cross, where the Relics of the Holy Cross Tree have been kept for centuries –

The centuries-old tradition of welcoming visitors, the strong traditions of Christian culture and the unique beauty of nature have created a special climate for the development of TOURISM in our area.

When planning a stay in the commune, it is worth seeing and visiting:

  • St. Lawrence late baroque church.
  • Former Benedictine school, the so-called “abbey school”.
  • School Youth Hostel in Nowa Słupia.
  • Museum of Ancient Świętokrzyskie Metallurgy in Nowa Słupia
  • Cultural and Archaeological Centre in Nowa Słupia.
  • Monastery complex at Holy Cross.
  • ŚPN Natural History Museum at Święty Krzyż.
  • Way of the Cross from Nowa Słupia to Święty Krzyż.
  • Park of Legends – the heritage park of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains in Nowa Słupia. It is planned to open it in June 2023

The flagship event of the commune is Dymarki Świętokrzyskie, organised annually in the form of an archaeological festival since 1967.