Naftoserwis is currently the largest company in Poland providing highly specialised technical maintenance services for raw material and fuel depots and other critical infrastructure of energy sector companies.

The core of the team consists of specialists and engineers from various sectors with extensive UDT [Office of Technical Inspection] authorisations. We have many years of experience in specialised work including the cleaning of large raw material and fuel tanks. Since 2019, we have also been providing services using the innovative BLABO no-man-entry system which has allowed us a high degree of automation and increased safety throughout the process.

One of the core subjects of our business is pipeline diagnostics using intelligent ultrasonic pistons, designed from the ground up and constructed directly by our engineering team. These are highly advanced and innovative technologies, allowing the safe operation of line infrastructure and the transport of various energy media, including hydrogen.

The largest operators in the fuel and energy industry trusted us. We have experience in projects abroad, carried out in countries such as Argentina, Belgium, Ecuador, the United Arab Emirates and Taiwan. This year, among others, we are preparing for a project in the Ivory Coast. Using our technical potential, we are also starting our activities in the PV area. Our services will focus on the optimisation aspects and operation and maintenance activities of photovoltaic systems.