Municipal Transport Authority in Kielce is involved in the organisation and management of collective urban passenger transport. The object of the Authority’s activities is to satisfy the needs of the population in terms of local collective transport.

Municipal Transport Authority in Kielce was established on 1 July 2003. It is an organisational unit of the city of Kielce, run as a budgetary unit. It organises, manages and supervises public transport on behalf of the city of Kielce.

As part of organising public transport, ZTM’s [Municipal Transport Authority] tasks include:

  • conducting market research on public transport services to identify the transport needs of  residents
  • planning of the public transport network and line layout
  • drawing up public transport timetables
  • controlling the provision of transport services for compliance with the terms of the contracts
  • promotion of public transport.
  • Management of the Kielce Bus Station, which integrates local, regional, national and  international public transport.