ML System S.A. is a highly specialised technology company with its own production facility and strong R&D facilities equipped with modern laboratory equipment. It has been providing traditional and innovative renewable energy solutions since 2006.

ML System develops breakthrough technologies that are the ideal answer to the current needs of the energy transition process – the transition from conventional to renewable energy sources. ML System’s products are used both in classic photovoltaic installations and in sustainable construction, land and water transport and the automotive industry.

ML System’s product portfolio includes:

  • a wide range of traditional photovoltaic solutions
  • proprietary BIPV solutions – photovoltaics integrated into buildings (including facades, louvres, skylights)
  • Smart City offer (photovoltaic parking canopies, smart bus shelters, photovoltaic lamps and benches)
  • Smart Glass line – specialised glazing and glass products for sustainable construction and transport.

In 2021, the company launched the world’s first production line of quantum-coated transparent glass that generates electricity from the sun. Dubbed the “quantum revolution in global construction”, this event was one element of the “new quantum era” strategy, opening up new possibilities and application functions for glass. In compliance with the company’s motto “We are changing the world for future generations”, ML System is consistently increasing its market share in the domestic and export markets to ultimately become a global brand with unlimited reach.

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