“Kopalnia Wapienia „Morawica” S.A. has been operating for almost 60 years and is very important not only for the region but for the whole country because it is one of the largest open pit mines in Poland.

In 2001 “Morawica” Limestone Mine underwent a privatisation process and since then it has been a joint stock company with 100% Polish capital. Kopalnia Wapienia “Morawica” SA is now a showpiece of the region, a company that guarantees the best quality, a Świętokrzyskie brand and a Polish product. The mine is a well-known and important producer of high quality stone for the metallurgy, sugar industry and power industry as well as aggregates for the construction and road building industries.

A significant part of the business is the production of Calcium-Carbonate Fertilisers for Agriculture, considered to be ecologically clean.

The mine’s offer also includes Morawica Marble, a natural stone with a warm, beige colour, which can be admired in representative and historical buildings, such as the Royal Castle in Warsaw, the Presidential Palace, the Sejm, the Senate, the National Theatre, the AGH University of Science and Technology or Wawel Castle. It is also used for decorative and functional purposes in the interiors of individual customers’ homes. The company’s stable, secure position on the market and the strengthening of its brand are guaranteed by the constant expansion of its portfolio and the introduction of modern technical, technological and ecological solutions. One of these is the photovoltaic installation thanks to which the mine uses electricity from renewable energy sources.

 The company’s greatest strengths are experience, reliability, quality and innovation.