Jagiellonian Institute is an independent think-tank, a centre for exchanging views and building strategies.

Our goals
Our source of action is the desire to contribute to raising the importance of Poland and Central Europe in the modern world. We work for the development of entrepreneurship and technological progress.

We are a foundation based on timeless values such as the dignity of the human being and family, balance of rights and duties, personal and national freedom, respect for tradition and the common good. Therefore, the choice of the name of our foundation was not accidental. The activities of the Jagiellonian dynasty resulted in significant improvements in the quality of public, cultural, scientific and economic life.

How we work
Since 2005, the Jagiellonian Institute has carried out analytical, research, consultancy and communications work. We have worked with entities from the private, public and academic sectors. Our work is based on analytics, using quantitative and qualitative research methods.

 Our core competencies cover the areas of:

  • energy, macroeconomic and industrial policy,
  • innovation and the digital economy,
  • international and social affairs,
  • strategic advice.

Experts working with the Jagiellonian Institute have knowledge and experience in issues related to statistics, econometrics, mathematical modelling, social research as well as international issues, multi-level and strategic management.