Enervigo, is a group of companies that implements a comprehensive energy transformation process for enterprises which is innovative on the Polish market. For our customers we are a partner who, in an end-to-end model, helps to fulfill energy challenges by offering a service called the Energy Transformation Programme.

Enervigo helps to diagnose the areas to be analysed in the context of transforming energy economies. We collect and analyse data, present the results with a proposal and recommendation for further action. From our portfolio of technologies, we select only those that will make a real difference to energy efficiency and also give the customer tangible benefits on the cost side, i.e. ensure an optimal correlation between the costs incurred for energy purchases and the savings achieved through self-production. Our technology portfolio includes cogeneration, photovoltaics, energy storage, absorption chillers, absorption heat pumps or ORC modules and we implement all solutions under the EPC formula, but also under the no-CAPEX or ESCO formula. A key element of our activities is our contribution to the development of hydrogen technologies.

As the Enervigo Group, we have more than 800 B2B customers served, 250 MW of energy sources built, 1 million MWh saved annually, which to date has resulted in more than one billion PLN in savings.

Through the technology mix, we have a real impact on the energy transformation of Polish industry. We influence its decarbonisation and, in the long term, its climate neutrality. Currently, thanks to the group’s joint activities, we are contributing to reducing CO2 emissions by one million tonnes per year.