Energia Euro Park Sp. z o.o. – ARP Group company, awarded the “Teraz Polska” emblem in 2022. It has been operating on the domestic market since 1998. It distributes electric energy in the area of Mielec and trades goods in the entire country. Innovative solutions, emphasis on ecology and energy security.

Energia Euro Park Sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Mielec, is a company, belonging to the ARP Group, with 25 years of experience in the supply of electric energy and introduction of new technologies in the process. Customers include mainly industrial sector entities from the “Euro Park Mielec” Special Economic Zone as well as customers from the entire country. The company’s offer is a broad spectrum in the field of efficient and modern distribution, development of the cogeneration concept and smart city.

The professionalism of the staff ensures high standards in servicing Partners. Modern electricity infrastructure and distribution through smart grids provide guarantees of more efficient and cheaper use of electricity. In this way, we ensure the safe development of the Mielec Economic Zone. The company’s objective in the sale of electric energy is not only to fulfill the individual needs of our customers, but also to emphasise care for the environment. Thanks to dynamic investments, part of the energy we sell comes from renewable energy sources. We focus on new technologies and development platforms as well as energy security for our Customers. In 2022, our company entered the “Teraz Polska” competition. The emblem received confirms the correct direction of the Company’s development.