Since the 1950s, Chemar Foundry has been a manufacturer of castings.
The company produces the highest quality steel castings based on high standards. It holds certifications from worldwide research institutions. Our products go to the most important sectors of the economy.

Chemar S.A. specialises in the production of small batch, specialised castings for individual customers in the following industries:

  • power engineering:  low- and high-pressure industrial valve components, pipeline components fulfilling the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU, blades and hubs for water turbines,
  • mining: pump components, crushers, drums, sockets, hulls,
  • cement: elements such as liners, covers, slabs, concrete transport elements,
  • rail: suspension arms, clamping arms, kingpins, brackets, axle-boxes, clamps,
  • construction: carriers, planetary yokes, running wheels, rollers,
  • machinery – crane wheels, pins, sockets.

The weight range of castings produced includes products from 15 kg to 3,500 kg.

We offer high-quality castings made of the following cast steels:

  • construction carbon in grades: 230-450 to 340-550;
  • for operation at elevated temperatures in grades: L20, L18HM, L18H2M, L17HMF;
  • corrosion-resistant in grades: LHI4, LHI8N9, LHI8NI0M2, LOHI8NI0M2;
  • mine water-resistant in grades: LOHI6N5Cu3, LOH24N5M2Cu3 (according to the patent);
  • heat-resistant and creep-resistant in grade LH25N19S2;
  • abrasion-resistant in grades: L40H3T, L1OOH6M, L120G13.

All products are scrupulously tested to confirm their compliance with the applicable standards. Quality control is carried out in accordance with international standards under strict internal procedures that take into account all customer requirements.

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