Bieliny commune – a place of dynamic and sustainable development, including tourism sector, considering nurturing the natural and cultural heritage of the area at the foot of the Holy Cross and the active participation of the local community.

Bieliny commune is located in the heart of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. More than 60% of its area is within the boundaries of the Świętokrzyski National Park and its buffer zone, i.e. a border protection zone. The rest is a fragment of the Cisów-Orłowiny Landscape Park. These areas are rich in natural and landscape qualities which influence their attractiveness in the context of development of the tourism sector. Due to the various forms of nature conservation, the local government is looking for new solutions for renewable energy sources (e.g. it has carried out an umbrella project to install renewable energy installations on residents’ farms).

Bieliny commune is distinguished by its effectiveness in attracting external funding (national and European) for the development of the commune. Thanks to these activities, the basic needs of the inhabitants are met, e.g. access to basic infrastructure as well as needs of a higher order, e.g. the development of education, culture or sport in the commune. All of the measures taken are implemented with respect for the environment and the principles of sustainable development.

These include the construction of new water intakes and treatment plants, thermal modernisation of public buildings, installation of renewable energy sources, construction of sports and leisure facilities and tourist attractions.