Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego is a Polish development bank – the only such institution in Poland. The bank’s mission is to support the sustainable social and economic development of Poland.

BGK’s role in building a strong and stable economy is to develop cooperation and activate the private and public sectors to increase the potential for socio-economic development. BGK’s operations create jobs, build apartments, develop infrastructure and improve air quality. The Bank cares about future generations – it builds social capital, develops entrepreneurship and provides responsible financing. It is present in every region of Poland as well as abroad. It supports export and foreign expansion of Polish companies. Through cooperation with business, the public sector and financial institutions, it responds to economic needs and undertakes a range of initiatives to promote sustainable development.

BGK announced the 3W initiative in August 2021. The acronym 3W refers to three resources: water, hydrogen and coal. The aim of the project is to support the worlds of science and business in the development of modern technologies used in industry, power engineering and medicine. The three resources – water, hydrogen and coal – used appropriately, will transform the Polish economy into a more innovative and competitive one. 3W is a long-term project to activate society, business, science and administration. It is an action for sustainable development of the economy and society. You can read more about the 3W idea on the website.- (