Use of hydrogen

Hydrogen can be applied in the power industry as well as in other industries. The greatest attention is currently being paid to its dissemination in the following areas: transport, energy, agriculture. 

Hydrogen as a fuel

In order to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, i.e. oil, vehicles can be fuelled with hydrogen. By replacing fossil fuels with green hydrogen, it is possible to completely eliminate harmful substances and gases that enter the atmosphere, including, among others, greenhouse gases that affect climate change.

Glossary of useful abbreviations:

  • HRS Hydrogen Refuelling Station – Stacja tankowania wodoru
  • HDV High duty vehicles – Pojazdy o dużym obciążeniu
  • LDV Light duty vehicles – Lekkie pojazdy użytkowe
  • AE Alkalyne electrolyzer – Elektrolizer alkaliczny
  • PEM Polymer electrolyte membrane – Polimerowa membrana elektrolityczna
  • AEM Anion Exchange Membrane – Membrana anionowa
  • SOEC Solid oxide electrolyzer cell – Ogniwo elektrolizy tlenku stałego