March 8, 2023, Lambda and Kappa halls, 12:00

As part of the ENEX International Fair – the largest energy event in the country, a meeting of members of the Central Hydrogen Cluster will take place.

Świętokrzyskie Industrial Group INDUSTRIA, aware of the energy challenges faced by industrial entrepreneurs, came up with the initiative to establish the Łaszczyński Brothers’ Central Hydrogen Cluster in 2021 – an open forum of cooperation, for the development of zero-emission energy sources and the production of green hydrogen. Currently CHC brings together over 50 entities, including local governments and companies from all over Poland.

In February this year, ŚGP INDUSTRIA concluded a memorandum with the British company – Rolls-Royce, enabling cooperation for the use of small modular reactors in our country. In connection with this event, the main point of the program dedicated to the Central Hydrogen Cluster will be an open meeting with representatives of Rolls-Royce SMR, which is part of the unique character of the anniversary Enex Fair. ŚGP INDUSTRIA as the leader of the Łaszczyński Brothers’ Central Hydrogen Cluster, whose goal is zero-emission energy generation and the production of “green hydrogen”, has selected the Rolls-Royce SMR technology to achieve the ambitious plans to produce 50,000 tonnes of low-carbon hydrogen every year. The Rolls-Royce SMR technology can significantly contribute to the decarbonisation of the energy-intensive industry, as well as strengthen the energy security of our country.

In the exhibition part, a joint stand will be created by the following representatives of the Central Hydrogen Cluster:

Świętokrzyskie Industrial Group INDUSTRIA is grounded in almost 150-year history of Kielce Marbles and the industrial traditions of the region. INDUSTRIA combines these traditions with modern technologies and care for the natural environment. Świętokrzyskie Industrial Group INDUSTRIA consists of: Świętokrzyskie Mines of Mineral Resources, INDUSTRIA Fertilizers, INDUSTRIA Logistics, INDUSTRIA Green Energy.

Enervigo is a group of companies that implements a comprehensive process of energy transformation of enterprises, an innovative enterprise in the Polish market. We are a partner for our clients – the end-to-end model helps to meet energy-related challenges by offering a service called Energy Transformation Programme.

ML System SA is a highly specialised technology company with its own production plant and R&D facilities equipped with modern laboratory equipment, since 2006, the firms has provides traditional and innovative renewable energy solutions.

Rolls-Royce SMR’s ‘factory-built’ nuclear power station will generate 470 MW of clean, affordable energy – enough to power a million homes. Each Rolls-Royce SMR will provide consistent electricity generation for at least 60 years – helping decarbonise the grid and industry to achieve our net zero targets.

SBB ENERGY has been in the energy and industry sectors since 1992, providing services of commissioning, mechanical assembly, electrical and I&C installations as well as comprehensive specialist works. SBB ENERGY provides a number of modern technologies in exhaust gas cleaning. In addition, SBB ENERGY S.A. develops new areas of activity by introducing a number of technological solutions aimed at decarbonising the industry and developing distributed energy. In its portfolio of services, it offers systems for the production, storage and utilization of green hydrogen as well as battery energy storage and heat storage.

At the stand of the Central Hydrogen Cluster you will be able to see a mock-up of the Jaźwica mine with RES installations, an ML System electrolyser and a Rolls-Royce SMR SMR mock-up.

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