Industria Nuclear Days conference on the future of nuclear energy

I Konferencja Industria Nuclear Days o przyszłości energetyki jądrowej

CVG and INDUSTRIA: Polish-British cooperation to implement Rolls-Royce SMR technology

CVG i INDUSTRIA: Polsko-brytyjska współpraca w celu wdrożenia technologii Rolls-Royce SMR


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centralna dolina wodorowa

Establishment of the Central Hydrogen Valley

centralna dolina wodorowa

We create the future today

    Our vision

    The key role is to create an open cooperation forum in which all entities willing to act for the development of zero-emission energy sources and the production of green hydrogen in the Świętokrzyskie region and neighboring voivodships are invited to participate.

    The main task is to build an appropriately sized base of zero-emission energy sources to meet the demand for green energy and green hydrogen from the Signatories.

    Establishment of the Central Hydrogen Valley  

    On July 17, 2023, a very important event took place at the Enea Kozienice power plant, which opened a new chapter in the history of our regions. This is the result of two years of work for the hydrogen economy in Poland and a natural continuation of the activities of the Central Hydrogen Cluster founded by the Świętokrzyskie Industrial Group INDUSTRIA.


    To create an appropriate background of zero-emission energy sources in order to meet the demand for energy and hydrogen from the Signatories; to achieve a total annual production of 4 TWh per in 2030 among the Signatories

    To produce hydrogen from zero-emission energy sources and available water resources, e.g. from the drainage of mining plants; to achieve a total annual production of 50,000 tonnes of green hydrogen in 2030 among the Signatories

    To support the installation of hydrogen production equipment which meet the needs of machinery, logistics and energy storage

    To create the installations for storage, distribution and refueling of hydrogen; to create machine parks and a hydrogen-powered car fleet; to create a forum for contacts and coordination of the cooperation among the Signatories

    Knowledge base

    We present a compendium of knowledge on hydrogen and energy topics.

    Hydrogen electrolysis

    Green hydrogen can be obtained through the process of water electrolysis using RES

    Hydrogen vehicle refuelling station

    Hydrogen is one of the fuel alternatives for means of transport so far powered by fossil fuels

    Polish Hydrogen Strategy (…)

    EU legislation sets the framework for the use of hydrogen in the energy industry.

    Join the Central Hydrogen Valley Association!

    Central Hydrogen is an association of entities interested in supporting the development of the hydrogen economy.

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    Scientific and research units and universities


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